Philosophy and Ethics

The Philosophy and Ethics department have launched their October half term revision packs on ‘Everything you need to know about Christianity and Islam’

See your Philosophy and Ethics teacher for a pack.

In your pack you will find key beliefs and practices for each religion, revision activities and key words lists for both religions.

Both packs will support your revision for the November PPE on Wednesday 21st November.

Christian beliefs and practices KEY WORDS

Islam beliefs and practices KEY WORDS

OCT Everything you need to know about Christianity

OCT Islam2 everything you need to know

October half term revision by numbers Christianity and Islam


Year 11 – ensure you are now preparing for your November PPE in Philosophy and Ethics by following our top tip advise.

Philosophy and Ethics Y11 GCSE Information


Christianity markscheme 2018

Christianity paper


Command words

Exam-Skills printout

islam markscheme

Islam paper

Planning a 12 mark question

themes relationship markscheme

themes relationships only

Please use this revision resource to support your revision on these key beliefs and practices. Remember to review, key quotes, biblical stories and key terminology which you must embed through all exam responses. These give a clear overview of both questions.

christian BELIEFS

christian practices

islam beliefs

islam practices