French Trip – Day 1

Un début magnifique for the French trip this year!

After a smooth crossing on le ferry and a pleasant journey through rolling French countryside, students arrived at the musée de la céramique in Desvres, where under careful instruction in French they created their masterpieces. Charlie Parsons broke down the barriers of conventional pottery with Grahame the Gravy Boat, and I doubt anything like it will ever be made again… c’est incroyable! Special mention also goes to the secret masters of ceramic, Thomas Mills and Jack Waterfield, and bien sur, to Lucy Taylor’s turtle. Their creative instincts fulfilled, students then arrived at our beautiful hotel, Le moulin, and enjoyed their first three course meal (but only after learning all of the cutlery in French!). Students’ powers of logic were well tested after dinner with a variety of logic puzzles, that left us scratching our heads and (quite literally) tied up in knots. Quentin, our animateur, is putting all the students to the test as he speaks to them exclusively in French, and today Erin Day, Jodie Bates and Louie Bulyka really shone as helpful students who are rising to this challenge!

What will tomorrow have in store for us?

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