Message from the Food Department

Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 07.55.49.pngAre you missing any containers? If so please send you child to the food department to have a look through our vast selection of food storage boxes. We will keep them until the last day
of term and unfortunately if not collected we will have to dispose of them.

Thank you


Southam College Girls Rugby Team participate in their first rugby festival.

Southam College Girls Rugby club attended their first rugby festival at Old Leamingtonians Rugby Club. The festival was ran and put on by the coaches from England rugby and gave the girls an opportunity to really embrace the sport.

When we arrived the coaches took the girls through some funny friendly warm up activities with the other girls from Bilton, Aylesford and Stratford.

At which point the U15 girls moved onto a contact game against a team which combined the girls from Bilton and Aylesford. This was the girls first contact match and they fully embraced this seeing some huge tackles being made. Izzie Hannay took on a lot of the running and was more than happy to run at the opposition. As the game progressed you saw Katie Cummings joining Izzie at running through the defence and being successful in scoring tries. The girls did not shy away from tackling and big tackles came from Aoife Williams and Kacie Cherrington. Myself and Mr Ginger could not believe our eyes at how much all of the girls have progressed but also how confident they grew throughout the evening.

Unfortunately a few schools dropped out of the festival today which had a negative impact on the U13 age group. However this was a great opportunity for the girls to get some extra coaching with a few students from other schools. Hopefully next time there will be a few more schools who attend so the girls can get a larger game. However similar progress was made by the year 8 girls seeing Poppy Lumis and Olivia Constable putting in some excellent, well timed tackles.

It was lovely to see so many girls taking part and enjoying their rugby this evening. Rugby club will not be on this week but will be back on again on Wednesday 7th December got the last session before Christmas. Well done again ladies for your commitment and progress so far.

Miss Warman and Mr Ginger


Dance Production Rehearsals

Important Reminder

Friday 2nd December 2016 – Periods 3 to 5

Monday 5th December 2016 – (Primary School show) Periods 3 to 5

The first Dance Production rehearsal is on Friday 2nd December 2016.  All students who are involved in the Dance Production must get ready/changed into their costumes at break time and meet in the hall for the start of period 3. Please make sure you get lunch in advance.

If you have not done so already please make sure your music has been handed in to Mr Southall.

Year 9 and 10 Football Report

First game was against Myton A team and we won 3-2. Again playing with 6 players, we managed to give an amazing performance.  Kacie Morby managed to get 2 brilliant goals and played excellent throughout the game.

With Kacie’s lay off I managed get a goal. Aoife Williams and Jodie Coombs-Prole took turns in goal and played really well communicating the whole way through the game. Kasey Cheringtion and Carly Lucas were excellent in defence and cleared every ball that came to them – showing no fear!

The second game we played which was against NLS. We knew they are a good team so we went out with our heads held high and gave it our all. We managed to finish the game 0-0. We had a lot of chances but unfortunately we couldn’t find the back of the net. However, as this was our toughest game a 0-0 finish felt like a win!

Overall it was a great effort by all!
Shauna O’Neill – Captain

House Swimming Gala


On Tuesday 22nd November 2016 students from Year 7, 8 and 9 took part in the Lower School house Swimming Gala.

The atmosphere was fabulous all morning with students cheering and encouraging their fellow members of their house, the team comrade and support was so wonderful to see and just reinforced what fantastic students we do have at Southam College. The support from everyone involved really helped and encouraged the students taking part to put in even more effort to gain those points needed to be winners. The Year 10 Sports Leaders were all amazing; they encouraged, supported and helped the students involved and they assisted with the time keeping and recording of results which helped the Gala to run smoothly and successfully.

The competition throughout all Year groups was outstanding with some brilliant Individual performances from James Phillips, Quinn Preece, Erin Jones, Lana Wilson, Lucy Taylor, Cerys James and Chloe Thomson. This demonstrated the excellent talent of the swimming. Well done to all students who took part and earned every little point for their house you should all be very proud of your achievements.

Thank you to Heads of House, Mrs Mellor, Mr Southall and all the Year 10 Leaders for your support and helping the event to run successfully.

You are all fabulous! Miss Evans


Dance Production Cast Meeting

For the all the students who did not attend the meeting on Friday 18th November there is another meeting on Monday 21st November at break time in the gym.
ALL students who are involved in the Dance production MUST meet Miss Evans to receive letters; to give details about certain acts and any other additional information. It is very important you attend this meeting so preparation for the show can be made.