Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 7: A pre-breakfast karate lesson started the day, followed by preparing for the talent show. The talent show itself was entertaining from start to finish; Southam College students performed a high energy dance routine. This afternoon was spent playing sports and this evening we relaxed around the camp fire and said farewells to our new friends. Tomorrow we head home – expected time at Birmingham airport is 2pm. We will update our social media if there any changes.

Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 6: Students demonstrated their newly aquired capoeira skills before breakfast followed by art and English lessons on the beach. After lunch, we headed to Klaipeda Dolphinarium to see some dolphins in action. When the show finished, we had a meet and greet with the dolphins. Now it’s time for arts and crafts before bed.

Year 8 Hindu Workshop

Yesterday SE and WH students from Year 8 took part in a Hindu workshop as part of Southam College’s enrichment day programme. Students had a great experience. They were able to experience the key events which happen at a Hindu wedding. They all dressed and engaged in cultural dress and dancing. Students even experienced cultural hand painting. It was a fab memorable experience which students will remember for a long time.

Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 5: The morning began with a capoeira class before breakfast. We then completed a 15km round trip to Sventoji town. After lunch, students took part in an art class and big sports tournament. We still have dinner and a disco before the day is finished. Another busy day, but students are thoroughly enjoying themselves!


Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 4: Our day kicked off with a big Lithuanian Happy Birthday for Millie, who turned 13 today. She celebrated with 59 cards, sparklers, sun and sweetcorn! The day followed with karate, a trip to the Amber Museum, a walk around Palanga, a demonstration from the local fire service and the students, Mrs Smith & Mrs Green taught an English lesson to the youngest members on site. Tonight we head to the disco to celebrate Millie’s birthday!

Enrichment Day 2 – Tuesday 19th July 2016

Today we held our second Enrichment Day of the year. Students have shown real enthusiasm for the challenges set them over a range of subjects.

Year 7 students have spent the day experiencing different cultures and languages in MFL, with some excellent Salsa moves seen! They have also been considering the trials and tribulations faced when stranded on a desert island, very fitting given today’s weather.

Year 8 students have been taking part in a thoroughly interesting and engaging workshop on Hinduism and finding out what makes a hero in Drama. Other students are taking part in the “Your First Enterprise” Challenge with local business men and woman supporting their businesses.

Year 9 students have been tessellating and enlarging shapes, learning to make curves from straight lines and creating origami 3D shapes. Students have really shown their artistic side today.

Year 10 students have taken part in Para Olympics in PE, with activities from wheel chair basketball to first aid. In science students have been doing a range of experiments and have visited the Southam College Eco-club Nature Reserve to investigate the habitat.

Year 12 have been working on their next steps, preparing for life after school, with UCAS statements being prepared, ready for Year 13.

Thank you to all of the staff, students and external visitors for making this such an enjoyable and engaging day!


Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 2: We had a long journey to Palanga, but the sun shone on arrival. This afternoon involved settling in followed by games and a walk to the local beach. This evening has been spent socialising with new friends from a range of countries; France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Russia, Poland, Belgium and Lithuania!

Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania

Day 1: Southam students and a group of Lithuanian students took a trip to Trakai and learnt all about the history of the castle (pictured). After lunch, we headed to Vilnius, the capital city for more exploring. Now it’s time to relax after our early start. Tomorrow, we head down to the coast.


Year 8 International Schools Trip to Lithuania – Reminder for Parents

Tomorrow, please use the ‘drop and go’ cark park when dropping off your child at Birmingham Airport (you will be able to park here for up to 30min). We will meet at the main terminal building outside the main departure entrance at 5am (look out for us in the navy blue hoodies). Students are reminded to bring their passport, EHIC cards and any medication; they should give these to Mrs Green on arrival. If there any problems between now and then, please get in touch with Mrs Green on the emergency contact number.

Pasimatysime rytoj! (See you tomorrow!)


There were tears of joys and sadness as we finished the final show and what an array of talent.
We were so happy to see so much new talent come through and sad to see our Year 13’s finish their last show.

We are so proud of all of you and hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Thank you

The Performing Arts Faculty.

last night.png

Year 7 and 8 Tennis

Southam V Aylesford

Last night saw another tennis fixture against Aylesford. Southam did well against the team of predominantly Year 8s with many of our 7s showing control and precision against their talented developing squad.
Sarah C was unbeaten in her singles and doubles rubbers. She quickly established herself as the player to beat with an accurate, powerful and fluid quality of tennis. Both squads were seeded 1-8 to allow challenge in all levels of ability. Most improved was Seb P, he improved tactically, playing to space, forcing opponents to come up with a shot to pass him that triggered errors. The whole team were great and seemed to enjoy the experience of competitive tennis.
Aylesford did come out deserved winners, winning 16 – 8 of their rubbers. They were a lovely bunch of lads, we look forward to closing the margins next season.
Finally a reminder to all Southam budding tennis players club if open to boys and girls Wednesday after school.

Mr Franzoni



The deadline for your Germany projects was last Friday 1st July. If you have not handed in your project, please do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to any languages teacher or the languages office!

Danke! Frau Martin.