Year 8 and 9 Netball League Night

The year 8 and 9 Netball teams have their last league night on Thursday 30th March 2017 at Kingsley playing fields.
Please check the ECA notice board for the team sheets and further details. 
If there are any problems please see Miss Maclachlan or Miss Evans ASAP.

Year 8/9 Girls Cup Semi Final Football Match

Yesterday afternoon the U14 girls football cup team were preparing for their semi-final match against Bilton. The sun had come out and the team were showing good enthusiasm in their warm up. When Bilton arrived the team were nervous, Bilton looked bigger and stronger…however as we set up for the start Southam looked confident. The whistle went and Southam were straight in attacking Bilton, pressuring the ball and closing down players. Bilton didn’t like the constant annoyance, Georgia Eversden managed to hassle Bilton’s  best player and she did not like this! Maria Timms, Sarah Costa, Abbie Bourton, Niamh Purnell and Ellie Cumberbatch worked well as a midfield/attack unit with the support of Kacie Morby, Olivia Constable, Lana Wilson-Shurbbs and Ana Lovett in defence. Poppy Lummis saved some great shots on target from Bilton and worked well with the defensive unit to organise and control them. However, Bilton managed to squeeze through the tight defence and after a few minutes scored a goal! 1-0 to Bilton. Not the start that Southam wanted but they had to deal with it and move on, straight from the kick Maria and Sarah pushed through the Bilton defence, Maria managed to get past 1 then 2 then 3 defenders and then…GOAL! 1-1 Southam. Southam’s confidence was growing and the team were starting to work together. Maria began to pick up the pace and with the support of Abbie on the wing and Sarah just behind she managed another goal! 2-1 Southam. Ellie and Niamh were doing a great job of moving the ball up the pitch and assisting the forwards with some great passes through the defence! Sarah suddenly injected some pace and shook the Bilton defence, round a few players and a whopper of a shot that surprised the goal keeper! 3-1 to Southam! At half time, Southam were feeling pretty confident with how they were playing but Bilton didn’t look like they were going to give up.

Second half started – Southam were quick to the ball and Georgia continued to do a great job hassling the Bilton players, Niamh and Ellie stuck close to their attack and continued to push the ball forward. Kacie dropped further back in defence with Olivia, Lana and Ana to help organise the line and ensure Bilton didn’t push through. Bilton managed again to squeeze through and after a long ball their striker finished by scoring. 3-2 to Southam. Southam didn’t like this and very quickly Maria, Sarah and Abbie with the support of the rest of the team moved quickly forward…a line pass to Abbie on the wing enabled her to cross it in to Maria who fired the shot at the goal! 4-2 to Southam. Southam were on a roll and Maria wanted another goal…great teamwork enabled her to get through the defence and with everyone’s support she managed another goal! 5-2!! The team were finally finding their feet and showing their true style. Bilton did have some good players though and within a few minutes managed again to creep through the defence and get another goal…5-3. Although Southam were disappointed it had gone in they were still working well as a team. They wanted to finish the match on a high. After passing the ball through the team at pace, working together to manipulate the Bilton players Sarah stole the ball and sent the ball flying right into the top corner of the net! An absolutely amazing shot and great finish to the game! 2 minutes later the final whistle blew, final score 6-3 to Southam.

The team played brilliantly and worked well as a team. They will have either Avon Valley or St Thomas More after their semi-final match. Thank you to Mr Ginger for supporting the team throughout the training and matches. Thank you to Mr Ottaway for refereeing and thank you to Will Eadon and Finn Purnell for doing the lines.

Year 9 Netball Team – Liddington 2017

What another fantastic weekend at Liddington PGL Netball Tour!  On Friday 10th March 2017 the Year 9 netball team travelled to Liddington, PGL centre for another fun filled weekend of activities and exciting competitive Netball.  This year the girls were departing Southam College with even more determination and fighting spirit with the hope of winning the tournament in their sights.

On arrival the girls got familiar with their surroundings and prepared for the evening activities ahead. Team challenge was on the agenda where the squads had to carry out different tasks, at different stations once they had found them on the map, in the dark. Year 9 worked brilliantly as a team achieving second place.

After a good first night’s sleep the girls woke bright and early for breakfast and prepared themselves for their first match at 8.48am. The first match was against Queens School 2; the team got off to a fantastic start winning this game 27-2.

The Second match was against Queens School 3, this was a school we played last year and were certainly not to be underestimated. In the tournament last year the score was 7-2 and therefore a relatively close match. Once again Southam girls played their own game; working the ball across and down court effectively; defence was tight and the shooting was awesome. Final score this year 12-1

This really boosted the girl’s confidence going in to their next match which was against Baylis Court School. The girls were psyched up following their first two wins and attacked the game from the start. Despite a ‘scrappy’ first half the team themselves organised and started to pass the ball effectively down court to the shooters. Final score 13-1 to Southam.

The last game of the day was versus Teign School, this was a tough and physical match. Southam again stepped up to the plate and played such outstanding Netball. The game was close all the way through the first half; each time both schools scoring off their centre pass. The second half saw a change of gear from Southam and their hard work and determination saw another win of the day. Final score 9-4 to Southam.

The first day had been highly successful with four good solid wins; as result Southam were going to Sunday as joint first with two other schools.

Sunday was yet again and early start and therefore an early rise; 7.00am all girls up and raring to go following a substantial breakfast.

The first match of the second day of the tournament was against Cheltenham Ladies College, who was one of the other schools who were also currently in first position. We had seen this team play some very strong and high quality Netball in all their matches so we knew this was not going to be an easy game. However the Southam girls held their own and played some of the best Netball I had ever seen them play. They fought hard for the ball and defended tight which allowed a creditable final score finishing 5-10 to CLC.

The Sixth and final game before the semi-finals would be decided was against Bridgend Comprehensive School (B Team). This was yet again another high scoring game from Southam due to their excellent play from attack, defence and the shooting high success rate. The game finished 10-1 to Southam.

Due to the excellent results the Year 9 Team reached the Semi-final for a second year running and here they faced Bridgend Comprehensive School (A Team). This particular school had finished first out off all the schools from the first stage of the Tournament and therefore was going to be the hardest game out of all the games played so far.

The girls played amazing! The attack was strong, creating space and working the ball successfully into the circle; defence fought hard and tried the best to intercept and gain possession of the ball being fed into the circle to the GS of Bridgend School who had a significant height advantage. Going into the second half Bridgend were in the lead by 5 goals; suddenly Southam were on fire and the score line was at a draw at one point. With not long left Bridgend just managed to pull way by 2 goals. Final score 8-12 to Bridgend Comprehensive Shcool.

Unfortunately Southam did not make it into the final but achieving third place out of nine schools was an amazing achievement and the girls can definitely walk away from the weekend with their heads held high.

‘Well done and thank you for a fabulous weekend. Your hard work, effort, dedication, commitment, teamwork and work ethic are fantastic. To see how you have all matured both on and off court has been absolute please and is clearly evident from the high quality of Netball you played at the tournament. I am yet again extremely proud of every single one of you. You are all amazing. Miss Evans’

Cerys James was awarded overall Tournament player for Year 9 due to leading the team on and off the court; her exceptional standard of play and her work ethic in all the games played, which showed hard work; effort and commitment.  Madison Smith won most valuable player out of all the Southam teams for the whole tournament for her outstanding shooting; keeping herself calm and cool despite the rough defence she had to deal with and her exceptionally high quality of play.

Yr 9 Squad –Cerys James (Captain); Carmen Ellis-Greenway (WA); Poppy Bastin (GA); Madison Smith (GS) Cara Andrews (GA); Kacie Morby (WD); Alice Dillon (WD); Lucy Parker (GD); and Lily Fraser-Pope (GK)

Year 9 Netball win for Southam!

On Wednesday 15th March 2017 the Year 9 Netball Team played Princethorpe College at home. The team produced some fantastic Netball which allowed them to win the match with the final score 19-16 to Southam.
Well done for another outstanding game and result following the successful weekend at PGL Liddington.
Thank you again for making me ever so proud. Miss Evans.

GERMAN EXCHANGE – Wednesday: Mittwoch

Today the students visited the interactive Science and Technology museum Experimenta in Heilbronn. They really enjoyed and all got involved with trying out the interactive equipment and exhibitions and learned a great deal about science, communications, technology, maths, the environment and music.

After this visit, we returned to Lauffen and made a quick stop at an Eiscafé to eat some icecream in the sun….Kinder Bueno was certainly a popular flavour which was sampled.
This afternoon the students spent some time in class experiencing German lessons with their partners. We have now left the school after many many tears and sad goodbyes! The students are already looking forward to seeing their German partners again for the return leg in October. The dates for this will be Weds 11th – Weds 18th October 2017. We are now on our way to Stuttgart airport by bus and will keep you updated on our journey. We expect to arrive at Southam by 10.15pm.

GERMAN EXCHANGE – Dienstag: Tuesday

Today the German and English students were lucky enough to visit the Audi forum and museum in Neckarsulm. They were guided round in groups with very informative guides and had a tour of some significant parts of the Audi factory and production line. They saw the pressing room, where car parts are pressed into shape with huge machines. Following this they visited the Body workshop, where the cars’ main body frames are assembled mainly by robots which looked like something out of Transformers! After this they visited the Finishing workshop where the Audis were being put together, and where dashboards, seats, carpets, wheels, seat belts, steering wheels and finally doors were added. Following their tour they had some time to wander around the shop and museum, displaying a large variety of Audis to take pictures with. There was even a floor of show cars in which the students were able to sit, and try out the various luxury features (such as the sound systems!). Overall it was a brilliant visit and the students learnt a lot about Audi and other the production of its impressive cars.

In the evening, all students and their German partners attended our usual leaving party, to which the lovely host families brought all kinds of delicious home made German foods. This was a lovely opportunity to celebrate the week of the exchange with their partners, and the very welcoming families that they had spent their time with. We would again like to thank the host families and the German students and teachers for their hospitality and for welcoming us all again.

More updates on Wednesday about our final trip to Experimenta in Heilbronn and to keep you posted about our progress on the journey home.

Miss Harwood is running the Great Birmingham 10k run

Our very lovely and talented Miss Harwood is running the Great Birmingham 10k run to raise funds for CLIC Sargent. This charity helps families when cancer strikes young lives.

Please help Miss Harwood to smash her target by clicking the link below and donate whatever you can, to help support a great charity that is very close to hearts at Southam College.

Thank you for your generosity.

claire h

GERMAN EXCHANGE – Montag: Monday

After a lovely sunny weekend with their Exchange host families, during which students visited Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Luwigsburg, Heilbronn, zoos, bowling and swimming pools, today we returned to Stuttgart for a tour of VfB Stuttgart football stadium. The tour was very interesting and informative and students were able to see the press room, the pitch, the stands, the changing rooms, the tunnel and the managers’ and trainers’ seats. They are now spending this afternoon experiencing some lessons with their German partners in school. Tomorrow we are visiting the Audi forum in Neckarsulm and there will be a leaving party for all the students and the German families!

Bis morgen! See you tomorrow!

Year 9 & 10 Netball Fixture

Year 9 & 10 Netball players have a fixture on Wednesday 15th March against Princethorpe at Southam.
Please check the ECA Notice board for team sheets and further details.
Any problems please see Miss Evans or Miss Warman ASAP.

GERMAN EXCHANGE – Freitag: Friday

Today the students have spent a great day in Stuttgart with their German partners. First they visited the Mercedes Benz museum, a very impressive building with extremely impressive cars and lots to learn about the history of the company.
We then took them to the city centre to complete a GPS rally in teams! They had to work in teams to use clues, a compass and GPS devices to work their way around the city and its sights to complete their mission! The winning team were Ollie Cook, Olly Kirk, Seb Priest and their partners Danny, Yannick and Jonas. Well done to them!
After this, the students had some free time in Stuttgart to explore the typical German shops (H&M and Primary!) and enjoy the typical German food and drink (McDonald’s and Starbucks)!
The evening was spent with a special party to celebrate 10 years of the exchange! More updates on this to follow! We wish the students a fantastic weekend with their German host families! Viel Spaß! Have fun!